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We are proud to offer to you the UK’s Best Range of CBD Skincare products including the best CBD balm, CBD Cream, CBD Massage Oil, CBD Lotion, and much more… Especially formulated CBD Face Cream, Muscle Balm, everything you could ever need.

All our CBD Skincare products are Lab Tested & Certified for your safety. All our CBD Skincare Products Contain Less Than 0.2% THC.

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What Is CBD Skincare?

CBD Skincare products are now available in many forms. Cannabidiol is infused with such products as Creams, Muscle Gels, Face Serums, Muscle & Skin Balms, Lotions, and more… These products contain similar ingredients to most others with the added benefit of CBD (Cannabidiol). CBD Isolate is often mixed by consumers to increase the strength of their Skincare Products.

How to use CBD Skincare Products?

Like most regular Skincare products such as skin creams & muscle balms, CBD Creams & Balms should be applied to and massaged into the affected areas. Other CBD Skincare products such as our CBD Bath Bombs & Salts should be added to your bathing water where you will enjoy a relaxing soak.

What are CBD Skincare Products used For?

CBD Creams are commonly used to help with symptoms of various skin conditions. (please always do a patch test & follow manufacturer Instructions). Other CBD Skincare products such as our CBD Muscle Balms help to relieve pain and aid great recovery after workouts. It is common for people with conditions such as Psoriasis and Arthritis to find relief by using CBD Skincare products along with CBD Oil or Capsules.

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