Cannawater Cannabis Infused Forbidden Fruits Sparkling Water 250ml


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Looking for a more healthy drink to try that is a suitable alternative to alcohol? Then try Forbidden Fruits from the 250ml Cannawater Sparkling Water range which will conjure up notes of pine, mango, passionfruit candy mixed from both cherry pie and tangie terpene strains. Capturing the tantalising flavour of the Forbidden Fruits terpene strain, it’s flavour profile and aroma will make for a stress resistant elixir to help with one’s physical and mental relaxation.

  • 250ml Can
  • Carbonated Sparkling Water
  • Cannabis Terpene Infused Flavour

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Cannabis Derived Terpenes

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Cannawater: Refresh Your Routine with CBD Hydration

Experience the Hydration Revolution with Cannawater

At the forefront of the UK's CBD market, Cannawater specialises in creating naturally flavoured CBD water. As a leader in health and wellness, the brand infuses its water with CBD from hemp. Known for its benefits like anxiety reduction and relaxation enhancement, Cannawater makes CBD consumption enjoyable and convenient.

What Sets Cannawater Apart

  • Flavour Variety: Flavours like Forbidden Fruits, Lemon Citrus, and Tagerine Dream make each sip a delight. Cannawater's natural ingredients offer a healthy, refreshing alternative to sugary drinks.
  • Convenience Meets Wellness: Ready-to-drink and perfect for integrating CBD into daily routines, Cannawater supports a balanced lifestyle.
  • Uncompromised Quality: High-quality CBD extracts ensure every bottle is both refreshing and beneficial.

Explore Our Range

  • CBD-Infused Water: Available in various flavours and sizes, catering to diverse preferences.
  • Health-Focused Options: With minimal or undetectable THC levels, our water promotes health and wellness.

Answering Your Queries

  • Cannawater's Flavour Philosophy: We focus on natural flavours and sweeteners for a truly refreshing experience.
  • Why Choose CBD Water from CBD Direct? As an official stockist, we offer reliable support and a 30-day money-back guarantee. We ship CBD Products to over 100 countries.

Embrace Cannawater for Daily Wellness

CBD Direct invites you to discover the benefits of hydration infused with CBD. Our water is a simple, delightful way to incorporate CBD into your daily life. Place an order or for more information, or contact our support team.
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