Cannacarts 420 POS Display Unit Set – 25 CBD Vapes


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At £420, you can purchase 25 units of Cannacarts’ own incredible range of CBD Vapes and more along with an amazing LED backlit point-of-sale display stand. By bringing cooler and smoother vaping hits with its full ceramic cartridge, these Cannacarts Premium CBD Vape Cartridges will taste exactly like the real thing. From just full spectrum distillate and with genuine cannabis terpenes, they offer real, pure CBD with 4 different strain specific flavours to experience. Cannacarts’ full spectrum CBD is 100% derived from the plant, so it contains 0% additives, non-canna ingredients as well as no PG, VG, PEG, MCT or any other mixing agents. These CBD Vape Cartridges are not disposable thanks to their reusable battery and USB charger, they also come charged and ready to use as soon as they’re taken straight out of their boxes. You can scan the QR code on each of the packs to get the lab results. Made exclusively in the United Kingdom. Limited numbers while stocks last.

Cannacarts Full Setup: 1 Cart, 1 Battery & USB Charger
Cannacarts Refill Cart: 1 Refill Cartridge Only


  • Made Exclusively In The United Kingdom
  • 25 x Cannacarts Vapes (12 x Full Setups, 13 x Refill Carts)
  • 4 x Extra Full Vapes – 1 of Each Flavour For Testers To Go With The Stand
  • 100 x Alcohol Wipes – For Cleaning The Tester Vapes For Customers
  • 50 x Hygiene Caps For Extra Protection When Needed
  • 5 Lanyards With Rubber Pen Holder For Shop Staff
  • LED Backlighting

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    Cannacarts: Revolutionising CBD Vaping

    Unveil the Purity of CBD Vaping

    In the dynamic world of CBD vaping, Cannacarts emerges as a beacon of authenticity and quality. Established with a commitment to natural, potent vaping experiences, Cannacarts has been pioneering the industry with its premium CBD vapes. Each product is a testament to our dedication to purity, crafted from 100% natural cannabis elements, ensuring you receive nothing but the genuine essence of CBD.

    The Cannacarts Promise: Purity and Potency

    Cannacarts, adhere to a philosophy of using only the best. The products are not just another addition to the CBD market; they represent the pinnacle of vaping excellence. We use real CBD extracted from hemp and complement it with 100% cannabis-derived terpenes. This combination ensures that each vaping session is not just an activity but an experience – one that is authentic, flavourful, and exceptionally potent​​​​.

    Why Trust Cannacarts?

    • Unmatched Natural Ingredients: By choosing Cannacarts, you're opting for vapes free from additives, dilutants, or contaminants​​.
    • Commitment to Quality: As a small-batch, grassroots company, they focus on delivering exceptional quality over mass production​​.
    • Diverse Flavour Profiles: The range boasts four strain-specific flavours, all derived from natural cannabis terpenes, offering an unparalleled vaping experience​​.

    An Exquisite Range of CBD Vapes

    • Vape Sets and Refills: The sets and refills come packed with high CBD content, ensuring a rich and robust cannabinoid profile for a potent and effective experience​​​​.
    • High-Strength Options: They offer high-strength vapes, delivering a more impactful experience than many other products in the market​​.

    Your Questions Answered

    1. Why Choose Cannacarts? Dedication to 100% natural, chemical-free products sets them apart​​.
    2. Who Can Use these products? Whether you're an experienced CBD user or new to vaping, the products cater to all preferences​​.
    3. How Do We Ensure Quality? Their commitment to the highest standards of quality and safety is unwavering​​.

    Your Journey with Cannacarts

    Discover the world of Cannacarts and embark on a journey of natural, potent CBD vaping. Order easily online or explore our wholesale options for more. Join us in experiencing the true essence of CBD, encapsulated in every puff of our meticulously crafted vapes​​.
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